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Legal issues are pretty much entangled in India because of the presence of certain legal hurdles, procedural delays and lack of legal knowledge on the part of contesting parties. Sometimes, a winning situation turns into an embarrassing failure because you miss out on a crucial hearing or submit a wrong piece of paper in the court, which is afterwards used against you. Take the example of a divorce case. Only a handful of them conclude in a short time. Mostly, they take months if not years to reach a logical conclusion. Lawyers at Bestdelhilawyers.com have years of experience in dealing with marriage disputes. If you are fed up with the way your spouse treats you and you think this is the right time to say good bye, you should, without delay, contact Best Delhi Lawyers at our firm.


If you are caught, by hard luck, in a criminal dispute and don’t know how to defend yourself, contact us, and we will make sure that you are not wronged at any turn your case takes. Criminal offenses have the potential to land you in jail, that’s why if you secure services of top Lawyers in Delhi,you are better positioned to face any malicious attempt made by public prosecutors. We are proud to announce that we have got the top talent in Delhi, who have a reputation to deal with each case with the utmost attention.


Our best Advocate in New Delhi will meticulously study your property dispute case to sort out what element makes your strength and what may potentially become your weakness. Winning a case is not just a compulsion by our clients. Winning is what we thrive on and boast about. It distinguishes us from the rest of the lot.


We strongly believe that when a person comes looking for a Lawyer in New Delhi, he is willing to trust the lawyer with his life and property, and we highly appreciate this trust. You have rights and we are here to protect them from violation. We guarantee you that you will get the best understanding in terms of child custody, support, distribution of assets and alimony. We make sure that you get the best defense and minimum possible punishment if you are arrested for a criminal offense. What makes us apart from others is an elevated level of conviction that we exhibit in dealing with your case. We deliver the best because we are the best in business.

Practice Areas

We have branched out our legal services into four different categories which are property disputes, criminal offenses, civil offenses and marriage disputes. If you are looking for a lawyer in whom you can put your full trust regarding your case, get in touch with our team for guidance.

Criminal lawyers delhi

Criminal Law generally governs crimes that span around felonies as well as misdemeanors. If we tend to define a crime, it means the offenses one commit against the state. In India, Criminal Law is generally governed by the Indian Penal Code, CrPc and Evidence Act. All these acts and codes when combined make up the body of rules as well as statutes to define a particular conduct which is banned by the government because it tends to pose serious threats to public safety as well as welfare. This body of law contains certain punishments which must be imposed if an Indian citizen is found guilty of commission of such acts.

Criminal Law, as a term, can be defined as the law that governs crimes that has the tendency to establish punishments for perpetrators of prohibited acts. For example, in India, murdering other people is a punishable crime, and the law that prohibits it is a substantive law.Generally, crimes are divided into categories based on their nature as well as the maximum and minimum punishments which can be imposed by the court. A felonyinvolves a serious misconduct which is punishable by imprisonment for one year or death. Felonies are further subdivided into classes and the punishment for each class is different from the rest.

A crime which doesn’t meet up the intensity of a felony falls into the category of violations or misdemeanors. A misdemeanor can be defined as a misconduct for which a person can be punished for less than a year in prison. A violation is a lesser offence that spans around parking violations, traffic violations and other crimes of the same level and nature.

We boast of having top criminal lawyers in Delhi who can represent you if you are arrested for committing criminal offense. Criminal law is different from other laws and it is important that you secure services of the  best criminal lawyer in Delhi, who has full comprehension of the scope as well as the procedure of criminal law cases. Our law firm has the reputation for being one of the top criminal law firms in New Delhi. Charges for criminal offense can be complex and greater than other offenses, which is why you should seek services of top criminal lawyers in Delhi. Our best criminal advocate in Delhi is dedicated to make this otherwise frustrating and excruciating legal process less entangled and smooth for you.

Family divorce lawyers delhi

More often, people don’t think about getting divorced when they get married. It is, in most, cases a bond till death. So, generally, couples don’t plan for a divorce. Only a handful of people tend to implement some prenuptial agreements in order to safeguard their assets if they eventually land in divorce. Divorces are generally nasty in all parts of the world. Once the most powerful bond of the world becomes the weakest string which tends to be broken due to a small conflict. Really, it is heartbreaking to see marriages fall apart. Sometimes, there is a little misunderstanding while most of the time couples find out that their likes and dislikes are different from each other, also, their dispositions are poles apart.

In India, like other parts of the world, a divorce is considered as the legal dissolution of wedding. It is most of the time emotionally exhaustive and traumatic for couples from filing the petition to contesting in the court for child custody. Without a doubt, it is a tough business to get through without assistance of a brilliant  family lawyer in Delhi.

In India, the divorce procedure spans around a year if not more than that. It starts taking its toll on your nerves when a dispute arises about child custody or distribution of assets. There are lots of acts and laws to study and mammoth paper work to do if you go on representing yourself in the court.

We understand the intricacies involved in divorce cases, and we have trained divorce lawyers in Delhi who have plenty of experience and can deal with any complicated situation. Our top divorce lawyers in New Delhi pay individual attention to each case so that they can fight aggressively and conclusively in the court.

We understand how a divorce case can affect your work schedule especially due to the paper work involved in it, which is why our best family lawyer in Delhi relieves clients from the burden of managing the paperwork. When the matter turns toward child custody, our best divorce lawyer in Delhi walk cautiously so that only the course, which is in the best interest of the child, should be taken. Our divorce specialist advocate in New Delhi are well trained in understanding the emotional state of couples who are getting through the excruciating process of divorce, and he works out the best strategy to speed up the cases in order to cut short the trauma.

Property Lawyers Delhi

In India, illegal transfer of property is considered as the core of property disputes. Property transfer in India is a time-consuming process. Transfer is done through inheritance from parents or guardians or by the law of natural succession in case a will is absent. If the owner is alive and willing to transfer the ownership, he or she also can gift the property to whoever they want, which is generally known as a gift deed. A gift deed can also happen between friends. Another popular type of transferring property is the usual buy sell procedure as per market rates, which is named as a registered sale deed.

Property dispute is the reason for the suffering of a great many people. Even inheritance comes with complications such as illegal possession, illegal transfer and sale by blood relations or third parties. Forging of documents such as Wills and ownership papers is one of the types of frauds which continuously happen in India. Sometimes a person fabricates a plot to deprive other shareholders of their due share in an inherited property through fake owner ship documents.

Sometimes one person impersonates to appear in the court to grab hold of the ownership of a property. If it works and the real owners of the property have to suffer that’s why you need to be careful about buying and selling a property. These fraudulent exercises must be kept in check if you want to keep your property safe from fraudsters.

Another fraudulent practice which is getting rampant in India is the abuse of the documents of Power Of Attorney (POA). More often people hand over general POAs to friends and relatives, and then they face a bitter betrayal from the same people. They succeed in getting properties transferred to their names. That’s why you should be extremely careful about granting a POA to even close family members.

Property lawyers in Delhi are well trained in law. They tend to go into the depths of individual cases and secure property owners’ rights on the property. Best property lawyers in Delhi have years of experience in the field, which is why they are able to contest it in the court in a professional and winning manner. Property advocates in New Delhi such as at our law firm strive hard to secure the rights of their clients as per law. We believe in finding out the most viable and speedy solution for property related conflicts.

Civil Lawyers Delhi

Civil Law is one of the most important branches of law in every country. Generally, civil law is made up of rules, regulations and certain procedures which are used to resolve a wide range of non-criminal disputes. Also, judicial precedents work well in resolution of these sort of cases. Civil lawsuits revolve around a number of problems such as domestic issues, private matters, marriage conflicts etc.


The reason for existence and practice of Civil Law is the need for resolution of disagreements among family members, individuals as well as organizations in a way that each member gets equitable compensation. Unlike criminal offenses, these cases don’t lead someone to punishment.


In the wake of a car accident, the victim files a lawsuit against the at-fault party to recover compensation for his injuries and damage to property. Similarly, a company can file a Civil lawsuit against another company for wrong claims. Family conflicts between husband and wife or between brothers over a piece of land also fall into the category of Civil Law.


A civil lawsuit can also be resolved by parties any time during the proceedings in the court. Parties can reach a compromise in order to cut short the trial or to minimize the risk of losing in the end. If it must go through a settlement, that’s the tricky part, and if you walk in without assistance of the best civil lawyers in New Delhi, it is highly likely that you will land in trouble. More often, what you deem perfect as a settlement turns out not to be so perfect. Our civil lawyers in Delhi ensure that you get the best settlement in cases connected to car accidents and divorce cases. We deal with all the legal pressures and complications while you are recouping from your emotional trauma and physical injuries.

Our civil case advocates in Delhi remain with you at each step of a civil lawsuit. When you have to prepare the papers to submit in the court, we take over all the burden from your shoulders. Our lawyers work hard to delve into the details of each case and sort out what course should be taken, which would lead to a positive outcome. We examine each piece of evidence and question each witness before the case reaches the court for trial.Also, when the case enters the trial, we fight aggressively in the court to secure your rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to jail in a civil case?

Usually, civil lawsuits end up in paying money damages and injunctions etc. In case you are found guilty of contempt of court at any point, you can land in jail.

Can a married daughter claim father’s property?

Yes, as per the provisions of the Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005, both married and unmarried daughters have claim over their father’s property.

Can a minor own a property?

Yes, a child, who is under the legal age of 18, can co-own property with his or her parents. Parents have to add his or her name to the title of the property.

How is property divided according to family law in India?

The partition law states that the ancestral property should be divided by creating a family partition agreement which is called the Partition deed.

What are the common grounds for divorce?

The most common grounds for divorce are adultery, disability, sexual harassment, imprisonment, alcoholism, domestic violence and desertion.

Can a mother get full custody of her child?

Yes, she can, but she must show the court that awarding her the custody of the child is in the best interests of the child in view of the factors such as your relationship and inability of the father to meet the needs of the child.

What type of crimes fall into the category of Criminal Law?

Criminal law encompasses kidnapping, battery, rape, homicide, assault, sexual assault and false imprisonment.

How many criminal laws exist in Indian legal system?

Indian criminal law system is generally categorized into three branches such as Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, Indian Penal Code 1860 and Indian Evidence Act 1972.

Delhi Police vs. Lawyers – Both Are Strong Pillars of Democracy and Must Work Closely to Maintain Harmony

The tension between the policemen and lawyers reached new heights when a scuffle broke between them in Delhi’s Hazari Court on 2nd November 2019. Basically, it started with an argument over a parking problem that turned horrible.

The scene led to protests, arson, lathi-charge, and some vehicles in the lockup area were burnt as well as demolished. Many advocates forcefully tried to enter the lockup and manhandled many policemen. There was retaliation from the enforcement side, where they had to fire in the air.A lawyer got injured in this scurry with a gunshot, policemen trying to counsel the angry lawyers were beaten mercilessly. The under trial 150 prisoners also had to suffer suffocation because of the burning of vehicles near the lockup. It is said that several advocates and 20 policemen were injured in this ill-fated incident.

Both the police and Delhi lawyers are crucial pillars of the Indian criminal justice system that need to work in total harmony. Imagine a parking issue between a lawyer and on-duty policemen leading to a protest from both strong representatives of India. Shocking!

Even the High court dismissed application directing no coercive action to be taken against 2 lawyers based on 2 FIRs filed on November 2nd. It was meant just for that incident and inapplicable for subsequent incidents.

The high court took suo moto cognizance and ordered judicial inquiry panel to look into Tis Hazari clash autonomously without any influence from the court. Delhi high courts retire judge SP Garg will conduct the police vs lawyers clash inquiry, which will be concluded with 6 weeks.

This suo-moto hearing was conducted in an emergency on Sunday at the Delhi high court, so the court’s orders to the police not to register FIR against lawyers regarding this case as well as taking coercive action was perceived as one-sided justice by several Delhi police personnel. Another occurrence that aggravated this matter was a police subordinate ventured in the Delhi court’s complex and got thrashed by some lawyers.

How the khakis and white collars reacted after this appalling incident?

Police protest

On Tuesday, 4th November 2019, Police personnel in thousands [80,000 personnel in Delhi police] protested outside ITO [police headquarters]. Their self-confidence got hurt in their system, which got displayed in the protest. Their chief Amulya Patnaik urged them to resume their duty as they were a disciplined force and it is expected of them to uphold the law for the people and the government. He requested them to have faith in the judiciary inquiry, which is underway.

There was a lot of criticism on social media, where police personnel seniors and juniors had their say. Fortunately, in 11 hours the police ended its protest and started their duty. It was a protest to reparation their grievances because even if the Delhi police are organized force there comes a time when they need to vent out.

After two weeks from the day of the clash, the Delhi police resumed their duty at the Hazari court premises but advocates in six districts continued to boycott their duties. The police personnel wore plain clothes rather than their uniform dues to the uneasiness of the hostile environment.

Lawyer’s demonstration

The district court lawyers in Capital staged a protest and even locked Saket court complex’s main gates. Even the public was not allowed to enter. At the Rohini court, a protest was initiated by hundreds of lawyers. One protesting lawyer even climbed on the Rohini court’s building threatening to jump down but subsequently climbed down. There was a meeting held between the Delhi police and the lawyers at Governor Anil Baijal’s residence, which failed and the latter continued its protest on 8th November 2019.

Allegations & court’s advice

Police say shots were aimed in the air to ensure under trial prisoners’ safety. The lawyers claim they were targeted because the police want to taint them as villains.

The court expressed its anger over this ‘dissonance and friction’ that prevailed between the police and the bar that represent and constitute the protector and guardian of the law. It suggested both having a meeting along with responsible representatives and sorting their differences based on discussions and deliberations.

Lawyers and police are two faces of the same coin that need to work closely and in harmony. Any conflict or disagreement between them is harmful to the nation as well as destructive in terms of public interest.