Civil Law is one of the most important branches of law in every country. Generally, civil law is made up of rules, regulations and certain procedures which are used to resolve a wide range of non-criminal disputes. Also, judicial precedents work well in resolution of these sort of cases. Civil lawsuits revolve around a number of problems such as domestic issues, private matters, marriage conflicts etc.


The reason for existence and practice of Civil Law is the need for resolution of disagreements among family members, individuals as well as organizations in a way that each member gets equitable compensation. Unlike criminal offenses, these cases don’t lead someone to punishment.


In the wake of a car accident, the victim files a lawsuit against the at-fault party to recover compensation for his injuries and damage to property. Similarly, a company can file a Civil lawsuit against another company for wrong claims. Family conflicts between husband and wife or between brothers over a piece of land also fall into the category of Civil Law.


A civil lawsuit can also be resolved by parties any time during the proceedings in the court. Parties can reach a compromise in order to cut short the trial or to minimize the risk of losing in the end. If it must go through a settlement, that’s the tricky part, and if you walk in without assistance of the best civil lawyers in New Delhi, it is highly likely that you will land in trouble. More often, what you deem perfect as a settlement turns out not to be so perfect. Our civil lawyers in Delhi ensure that you get the best settlement in cases connected to car accidents and divorce cases. We deal with all the legal pressures and complications while you are recouping from your emotional trauma and physical injuries.

Our civil case advocates in Delhi remain with you at each step of a civil lawsuit. When you have to prepare the papers to submit in the court, we take over all the burden from your shoulders. Our lawyers work hard to delve into the details of each case and sort out what course should be taken, which would lead to a positive outcome. We examine each piece of evidence and question each witness before the case reaches the court for trial.Also, when the case enters the trial, we fight aggressively in the court to secure your rights.