Criminal Law generally governs crimes that span around felonies as well as misdemeanors. If we tend to define a crime, it means the offenses one commit against the state. In India, Criminal Law is generally governed by the Indian Penal Code, CrPc and Evidence Act. All these acts and codes when combined make up the body of rules as well as statutes to define a particular conduct which is banned by the government because it tends to pose serious threats to public safety as well as welfare. This body of law contains certain punishments which must be imposed if an Indian citizen is found guilty of commission of such acts.

Criminal Law, as a term, can be defined as the law that governs crimes that has the tendency to establish punishments for perpetrators of prohibited acts. For example, in India, murdering other people is a punishable crime, and the law that prohibits it is a substantive law.Generally, crimes are divided into categories based on their nature as well as the maximum and minimum punishments which can be imposed by the court. A felonyinvolves a serious misconduct which is punishable by imprisonment for one year or death. Felonies are further subdivided into classes and the punishment for each class is different from the rest.

A crime which doesn’t meet up the intensity of a felony falls into the category of violations or misdemeanors. A misdemeanor can be defined as a misconduct for which a person can be punished for less than a year in prison. A violation is a lesser offence that spans around parking violations, traffic violations and other crimes of the same level and nature.

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