In India, illegal transfer of property is considered as the core of property disputes. Property transfer in India is a time-consuming process. Transfer is done through inheritance from parents or guardians or by the law of natural succession in case a will is absent. If the owner is alive and willing to transfer the ownership, he or she also can gift the property to whoever they want, which is generally known as a gift deed. A gift deed can also happen between friends. Another popular type of transferring property is the usual buy sell procedure as per market rates, which is named as a registered sale deed.

Property dispute is the reason for the suffering of a great many people. Even inheritance comes with complications such as illegal possession, illegal transfer and sale by blood relations or third parties. Forging of documents such as Wills and ownership papers is one of the types of frauds which continuously happen in India. Sometimes a person fabricates a plot to deprive other shareholders of their due share in an inherited property through fake owner ship documents.

Sometimes one person impersonates to appear in the court to grab hold of the ownership of a property. If it works and the real owners of the property have to suffer that’s why you need to be careful about buying and selling a property. These fraudulent exercises must be kept in check if you want to keep your property safe from fraudsters.

Another fraudulent practice which is getting rampant in India is the abuse of the documents of Power Of Attorney (POA). More often people hand over general POAs to friends and relatives, and then they face a bitter betrayal from the same people. They succeed in getting properties transferred to their names. That’s why you should be extremely careful about granting a POA to even close family members.

Property lawyers in Delhi are well trained in law. They tend to go into the depths of individual cases and secure property owners’ rights on the property. Best property lawyers in Delhi have years of experience in the field, which is why they are able to contest it in the court in a professional and winning manner. Property advocates in New Delhi such as at our law firm strive hard to secure the rights of their clients as per law. We believe in finding out the most viable and speedy solution for property related conflicts.