When is The Right Time to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

It is a difficult period for couples when they part legally and have to decide the right approach to acquire their child custody. Surely, it is a rough path to walk however with the support of an experienced lawyer, who is well acclaimed to handle child custody cases in the court, you can accomplish your right to get the custody of your child.

There are innumerable lawyers in Delhi to assist you in the child custody case. Unfortunately, all aren’t skilled in handling your case successfully. It is always beneficial to hire an expert in child custody cases. Hence, take necessary steps to ensure that you hire them only.

Many don’t prefer to hire an attorney specialised in child custody cases as for them family lawyer is enough to do the needful. Unfortunately, sometimes the legal battle for child custody proves to be tricky and there are high chances that you may fail. Hence, knowing when you need to hire an attorney is quite knowledgeable to win your child’s guardianship.

The situations when you need to finalise opting for a child custody lawyer:

  • When your ex-spouse has appointed a lawyer for procuring child custody. Lack of a lawyer isn’t the right way to tackle the case of legal guardianship of your child.
  • It is the apt thing to do when the case seems to be complicated. Many times, this kind of legal matter between the spouses isn’t easily solved as both want their child to live with them. Thus, it is best to have the support of a person who understands all the legal aspects of possessing child custody.
  • It is essential to hire the best child custody lawyer when both the parents live in different state or country. This is because across jurisdictions is sure to make the child custody case complicated.
  • When you believe that your ex-spouse may harm your child. The legal matters can be easily solved by your appointed lawyer as they will seek evidence to prove that the child’s life may be in danger.
  • Sometimes the court or your ex-spouse restricts you to visit your child. Even after a mutual divorce settlement, your ex-spouse doesn’t want to provide you with child visiting rights. It is best to appoint a lawyer well-experienced in helping to provide you the rights to visit your child legally.

There are three types of child custody:

  • Joint custody: The child lives with both parents simultaneously. They split the responsibilities of the child between themselves. It happens mostly in mutual divorce cases and when both prefer to take the responsibility of the child equally.
  • Sole custody: The child care is a responsibility of one parent often decided by the court if they find the other parent not qualified to take care of the child.
  • Non-parental custody: Both parents aren’t allowed to keep their child physically with them as the court feels they aren’t the right guardian for the child.

The best lawyer in Delhi favouring to handle child custody cases always makes their client understand whether they are eligible to gain their child custody or not. It helps to have a clear view of your chances to win your child custody case.

Here are the prime facts relating to child custody rights:

  • Many times the mother gets custody of her child who is five years old or lesser.
  • The child’s opinion matters a lot while passing judgement for the case in court. The child above the age of nine is usually asked to choose the parent they would like to live with.
  • If a parent is involved in a crime usually loses the battle of holding child custody rights.

You can win your child custody case with ease by appointing a skilled advocate in Delhi.