More often, people don’t think about getting divorced when they get married. It is, in most, cases a bond till death. So, generally, couples don’t plan for a divorce. Only a handful of people tend to implement some prenuptial agreements in order to safeguard their assets if they eventually land in divorce. Divorces are generally nasty in all parts of the world. Once the most powerful bond of the world becomes the weakest string which tends to be broken due to a small conflict. Really, it is heartbreaking to see marriages fall apart. Sometimes, there is a little misunderstanding while most of the time couples find out that their likes and dislikes are different from each other, also, their dispositions are poles apart.

In India, like other parts of the world, a divorce is considered as the legal dissolution of wedding. It is most of the time emotionally exhaustive and traumatic for couples from filing the petition to contesting in the court for child custody. Without a doubt, it is a tough business to get through without assistance of a brilliant  family lawyer in Delhi.

In India, the divorce procedure spans around a year if not more than that. It starts taking its toll on your nerves when a dispute arises about child custody or distribution of assets. There are lots of acts and laws to study and mammoth paper work to do if you go on representing yourself in the court.

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We understand how a divorce case can affect your work schedule especially due to the paper work involved in it, which is why our best family lawyer in Delhi relieves clients from the burden of managing the paperwork. When the matter turns toward child custody, our best divorce lawyer in Delhi walk cautiously so that only the course, which is in the best interest of the child, should be taken. Our divorce specialist advocate in New Delhi are well trained in understanding the emotional state of couples who are getting through the excruciating process of divorce, and he works out the best strategy to speed up the cases in order to cut short the trauma.